Party Brands - Party Bars Kanna Disposable Vape


We hate to say goodbye, but due to the low sales volume, we are discontinuing this product from our distro. All sales on this item are final - We will not be reordering.

Unlock your inner extrovert and bring out your inner party animal with Party Bars–the world's FIRST kanna-powered disposable. Packed with 500mg of kanna (sceletium tortuosum) in each device, Party Bars were made to help increase energy, boost mood, improve confidence and make you feel your best!

Take a puff of Party Bars and experience the power of kanna, the NEW active ingredient. Are you ready to come roll with us?

  • Available in 2 signature flavors: Mint and Natural
  • 500mg Kanna Per Device
  • 150 Puff Count
  • Rechargeable via Micro USB

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