alright - CBG Pre-Rolls - UPLIFT 7ct 3.5g


alright UPLIFT CBG pre rolls are full spectrum hemp joints designed especially for friendly rebels looking to step up their day. Grab a pack and a lighter, and you're on your way. Whether you're about to hit the trails, meet up with friends, or get something done around the house - a pack of alright UPLIFT joints is the natural companion that's always there for you.

Our full spectrum UPLIFT products are rich in CBG with only trace amounts of THC. The durable, easy-to-open, child-resistance packaging holds up under your most adventurous outings and hang-outs.

    Strain: alright UPLIFT

    • 12.3% CBG

    Our pre-rolled hemp joints are naturally grown with no pesticides and no additives. 

    • 7 joints with 0.5g flower each
    • 1/8oz total flower per pack
    • Grown and processed in the USA
    • Lab tested, Vegan, Non-GMO

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