Immediately after loading into the building, please:
Complete form + deliver one can from each pallet to Anjel's office. (Min. 4 Cans)

If she's not in her office, send a text: 612.201.6895
She may ask you to execute her steps below (Steps: 1 - 5)


  1. Make sure you have 1 can from each pallet (Minimum of 4 Cans)
  2. Deliver min. of 3 cans to lab office with request to send for testing
  3. Add SKUs to Testing Tracker & PO in Shopify (Do not accept)
  4. Place min. of 1 can in owner's mini fridge (BLNCD = Beecher | Foundry = Gavin)
  5. If it passes taste test --> Accept PO in Shopify
  6. Update warehouse when testing is back + product ready to ship


  1. Wrap each pallet with red tape about mid level
  2. Leave pallets pending testing in warehouse 2 or 3
  3. Add to aging report + highlight red
  4. Upon notice of good test results, store in warehouse #1
  5. Update aging report